Our Brand - Selene Sorrento

Selene Boutique is a small, family-run business that has a tradition of tailoring, such as Moda Positano, typical of the area where our boutique is located.

We design and create our clothing using only high quality fabrics such as linen, San Gallo and Macramè, exclusively Made in Italy.

Soft, clean lines are suitable for both city life and relax moments during your holidays.

In addition, by contacting us, you can also create your own customized dress tailored exclusively for you, thus giving you the ability to have a unique item of its kind.

The style and charm of Moda Mare Positano

Moda Mare Positano has its origins after World War II, when the little town of the Amalfi Coast and all the surrounding areas became one of the most sought-after destinations of the international jet set.

Some local tailors decided to renew local textile activity, which was famous in the 1800s for jute weaving (also known as canvas or "piece"). They brought on the market the famous bikini, much required at the time, made with crochet or with piece of fabrics, as well as rich and colorful clothing, such as wide and neckled clothes enriched with laces, long shirts to wear as bathing suit covers, long and voluminous skirts. Moda Mare Positano was intended to be both elegant and casual at the same time.

The clothes are still made today with the same care and passion then, mostly using light linen or lightweight gauze, but also cotton in San Gallo, viscose, macramè.

Wide volumes, new geometries, colors ranging from classic white and ecru to much lively and cheerful shades, give life to an ever-new timeless harmony, elegance and refinement.

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